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Orange County Pool Automation Installation / Diagnostic

Victory Pool and Spa Services offers pool automation installation options for homeowners and property managers in Orange County.  We also offer pool automation repairs and troubleshooting when needed.  Owning a pool or spa can be a great way to boost the overall quality of life for family and friends. One of the easiest ways to make this leisurely experience even more beneficial and convenient is through pool automation installation.  This includes the use of automated features such as; water features, heating, and lighting controlled with the touch of a button. The use of advanced technology has many unique benefits that can be translated into the home swimming pool experience.

Orange County Pool Automation Installation / Diagnostic

Fidgeting with typical pool and spa operations in the pool equipment area can be time consuming and irritating, especially in the dark. An example is when pool or hot tub owners want to adjust the temperature of the water. They may have to wait several hours for the change to become effective before they are able to enjoy their pool or spa.  Installing a pool automation system can make life much easier for busy homeowners.  Basic swimming pool functions such as filtration, heating and lighting can be both predetermined and remotely controlled.

With some automation systems, features can be operated with smartphones such as iPhone and Androids. Electronic devices like ipads and tablets as well as factory remotes can also be used.  Prepare to relay after a long day at work by simply adjusting the pool or spa settings from a smart device before you even get home.  No more stumbling around with outdoor controllers at night and waiting hours for the water to be ready.  Pool automation installation simplifies the swimming experience for Orange County users.

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