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Orange County Pool Repairs and Equipment Installation

Often times pool repairs can be costly and even overwhelming.  With Victory Pool and Spa Services, we can make the necessary repairs and have your pool in working order without all the worry.  One of our experienced service technicians will visit you in anywhere in Orange County to give you a fair estimate and perform repairs you can trust.  

Below are just a few of the repairs we offer, call us today:

Pumps: unfortunately pool pumps don't last forever.  Thankfully our technicians are trained to take on any broken pump you may have. Whether changing the seals, the o-rings, impeller or installing a brand new state of the art variable speed pump - we've got you covered!  

Motors: single phase motors typically run at 3,450 RPMs, these high revolutions per minute mixed with California's hot summers are a recipe for a short lived motor.  On average, a single phase motor in California lasts 4-6 years.

Pool Repairs and equipment installation in Orange County

Pool Filters: there are three major filters - Sand, D.E (Diatomaceous Earth) and Cartridge.  A properly running filter is key to having crystal clear water in your pool.  We can handle anything from new filter installations to replacing your cartridges or grids.

Cleaning Systems: there are four major cleaning systems to keep your pool clean; suction side cleaners, caretaker systems or pop-up heads, robotic cleaners and pressure side cleaners.  We can provide you with all services from rebuilding your hayward suction side navigator vacuum to reconstructing your caretaker system as well as anything in between.

Plumbing and Valves: we are not just pool guys, we are also plumbers.  We can help you with that mess of pipe spaghetti in your equipment area too.

Pool Heaters: with the weather so beautiful in California our clients like to use their pool and spas year round.  Our specially trained technicians can keep your heater working great and repair it if the need arises. 

Pool and Spa Lights: everyone loves pool lights.  We can upgrade your old light to a multi color changing LED that will last much longer than your old light.  If your pool light isn't working, let us fix it for you.  Most pools do not have to be drained to repair a pool light, we can replace the bulb without even getting in the pool.

Automation: have you ever wished of controlling every aspect of your pool by a single remote?  Installing an automation system would grant your wish!  Automation systems allow you to turn on water features, lights and even get your spa ready without ever having to go out to the equipment area and touch a valve or control.  

Salt Systems: are you sensitive to chlorine? Installing a salt system is one of the healthiest ways to sanitize your pool water.

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