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Pool cleaning at Orange County home.

There are three fundamentals of pool care that every pool owner should know: Circulation, Cleaning and Chemistry.

  • Circulation:

    • Empty Pump And Filter Baskets - keep the basket(s) in the skimmer(s) and pump(s) clear of all debris. Check and empty them to ensure good water flow to the filter system. If you don't like getting your hands dirty, Victory Pool and Spa Services is here to help.

    • Running The Pump And Filter - run the filter for 8 to 12 hours a day, the more the better (8 to 12 hours for warmer temperatures and 4 to 6 hours for cooler temperatures).

    • Angle Your Return Jets - angle your return jets down slightly and point them all in the same direction so the water spins around the pool. Angling them down allows the jets to push debris up to the surface so your skimmers can grab it. It also helps to distribute chemicals throughout the water.

    • Correct Filter Pressure - normal pressure will be between 10 - 20 psi (depending on the filter), backwash when it increases by 10 psi.

Orange County Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

At Victory Pool and Spa Services, we offer a range of professional services and ensure to go above and beyond for all of our customers in Orange County to guarantee that our pool maintenance is hassle and headache free.  

Weekly pool cleaning service with Victory Pool and Spa Services starts with the removal of any collected debris and a visual inspection of the water for clarity, color and visible contaminants. Once this is complete, we test the; pH, calcium, chlorine and alkalinity levels and adjust them as necessary. Your Victory Pool and Spa Services technician will check that the water level is high enough for the pump to operate correctly and check filter pressure and backwash when required.

We clean the tile at the water line and add algaecide if necessary. We brush the sides of the pool every time to keep your pool sparkling clean. We want to keep your pool as clean as if it were our own!

  • Cleaning:

    • Skim The Surface Daily - this stops debris from sinking to the bottom, leaving less debris to vacuum and preventing strains.  Skim with the flow of the water in a circular motion.

    • Brush At Least Once A Week - brush the walls, ladders and corners.  Brush down towards the floor on the steps, crevasses and behind ladders (dead spots). If algae starts to grow, brushing will push the algae into the water making it easier for your sanitizer to kill it.

    • Invest In An Automatic Pool Cleaner - the easiest way to vacuum your pool is with an automatic pool cleaner. It will vacuum your entire pool without supervision. There are three types of automatic cleaners:

      • Suction - it attaches to your skimmer, which draws in water, creating a siphon to your filter system.

      • Robotic - a self-contained electric unit that drives around your pool and sucks debris into a bag.

      • Pressure - it attaches to the return jet and uses water to drive and push debris into a mesh bag.

  • Chemistry:

    • Test The Water Weekly - it is important to test pool water once a week to make sure the pH and alkalinity are balanced and keep your sanitizer level in check.

    • Balances - ideal balances are; 

      • pH between 7.4 - 7.6 - pH is a measure of the acid or base of your pool water.

      • Alkalinity between 100 - 150 ppm - alkalinity is a pH stabilizer which helps keep your pH from changing drastically.

      • Calcium between 100 - 200 ppm - calcium hardness prevents corrosion of equipment, etching of plaster and liners.

    • Sanitizing And Shocking - to shock, first add water to a clean bucket. Slowly add one bag of shock to the water and be careful not to breath in fumes or splash in on yourself. Use a clean wooden paint stirrer to dissolve the shock. Shock your pool once a week. Use one pound/bag/10K gallons of water. Always shock at dusk or night time and allow your filter system to run for at least 8 hours after. Be sure to use protective eyewear and gloves when handling any pool chemicals.

Pool Water Chemical Testing at Orange County home
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